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Garden rooms are the new game-changing home addition in the world of property, and there is lots that can be done with them.


Garden rooms are the new game-changing home addition in the world of property.  They offer you the extra space to focus, relax, create or work and they do not require planning permission, meaning they can be built quickly and without needing approval. Garden rooms can be built to custom sizes to suit your garden to unique specifications, and can be transformed into many different types of rooms to suit all the family.

Business Growth

Garden rooms can be used to expand your business and take it to the next level. With customisable electrics, fully functioning WC and high quality interior furnishings, garden rooms are the perfect place to invite employees to work from or set up a studio for yourself to keep your work and home life separate.


Bringing The Outdoors In

Garden spaces also encourage you to to get closer to nature by allowing you and your family to spend more time outdoors and make use of the garden space you have available. It also opens up the idea of garden landscaping and re-designing the outdoors to make it a more beneficial to you.

Re-igniting Old Passions

A garden room will allow you to get extra space and privacy to explore and try out new hobbies or re-kindle your love for old ones. Whether it is a quiet space for you, or one for the family to share, these studios can allow you to start a new journey.

Getting Fit

Garden rooms also give you the freedom to get back into shape and connect with your body. these studios can be be used for you and some small equipment, or big enough to host small yoga classes or install several weight machines.

Music Studio

Garden rooms also work very well as music or production studios. With their high-grade insulation and advanced electrical features, these rooms create the perfect place for you to be creative and free, away from your work and home life.

Garden Bar

For those who enjoy socialising and hosting, garden rooms work perfectly as an outdoor bar area which can offer extended seating areas, game tables and drink storage. This extra space helps to make inviting others over more comfortable and encouraged.

Children’s Playroom

A garden rooms works perfectly as a place for your children to play and explore. This separate building will give you the rest you need, while providing them with a safe place to play and have friends over that is seconds from your backdoor.


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